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As a family-owned enterprise, we have gained the trust of our customers through our involvement in both the production of Ferro Titanium and the recycling of titanium alloys and non ferrous metals.

As a REACH registered business, we proudly supply our products to customers worldwide, including those in the EU. Our headquarters are situated in Sheffield, also known as the 'Steel City', located in the UK.

Our Products

As a reputable producer of Ferro Titanium and supplier of Titanium scrap, we excel in all things Titanium-related. Our expertise lies in sourcing the best quality titanium scrap from ISO certified suppliers to produce the highest quality products. We handle all grades and forms of the metal. Upon receipt of the scrap, it is thoroughly sorted and prepped at our UK facilities. Based on the scrap quality, it is either used in our Ferro titanium manufacturing or recycled back to the metal industry.

In addition to Ferro Titanium and Titanium scrap, we supply and distribute Titanium sponge and Noble alloys to steel mills and superalloy manufacturers around the world.

Titanium Scrap

We buy and sell all grades of titanium scrap turnings and solids. Typically:

  • 90-6-4
  • CP
  • 10-2-3
  • 6-2-4-2

Titanium Sponge

We buy and sell TGTV and Off-grade titanium sponge in all sizes.

Ferro Titanium

Manufactured from titanium scrap at our facilities in the UK, we can offer both standard grade and low impurity ferro titanium. The ingot is crushed in-house to customer specification and packed in bags, drums or bulk.

Latest News

We will be attending the ITA conference, Austin, TX. October 6-9, 2024.

Industries Served

  • Steel and Iron
  • Aluminium¬†
  • Aerospace
  • Power Generation
  • Electronics
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