Metals & Alloys UK

Metals and Alloys International is a leading UK manufacturer of Ferro Titanium and Master alloys. More recently Metals and Alloys UK Ltd was formed, focusing on the recycling of Titanium scrap alloys and trading of Noble alloys.

Our Products

We are a trusted manufacturer of Ferro titanium and supplier of Titanium scrap and Noble alloys. Specializing in Titanium, we buy and sell all grades of Titanium scrap.  All incoming scrap is sorted and prepared at our UK facilities.  Depending on the quality of the Scrap, it will either be used in our Ferro titanium production or recycled back to the metal industry.

Titanium Scrap

We buy and sell all grades of titanium scrap turnings and solids. Typically:

  • 90-6-4
  • CP
  • 10-2-3
  • 6-2-4-2

Titanium Sponge

We buy and sell TGTV and Off-grade titanium sponge in all sizes.

Ferro Titanium

Manufactured from titanium scrap at our facilities in the UK, we can offer both standard grade and low impurity ferro titanium. The ingot is then crushed in-house to customer specification

Latest News

We will be attending the 35th International Ferroalloys Conference, November 17 – 19, 2019 in Budapest , Hungary

Industries Served

  • Steel and Iron
  • Aluminium 
  • Aerospace
  • Power Generation
  • Electronics
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